Editor:Guru P.K,NarayananNambiar
Writer: Christopher Brisky
Leela  Omcheri
K.P.C. Anujan Bhattathiripad
Dr.P.KRajendran,Akavoor Narayanan, PonnangodGopalakrishnan.


Collection of seminar pappers based on different accpcet of koodiyattam performance and the contribution of Mani Madava Chakyar. ‘Manjusha’ has articles by dr.C. Rajendran, Akavoor Narayanan, K P C Anujan Bhattathiripad,and Ponnangod Gopalakrishnan on the various aspects of koodiyattam -Vachikam, Abhinayam and Aharyam. It also has chapters on vidushakamn (by P K G Nambiyar), Natakusham (by P K narayanan  Nambiar), Padhakam(by P K Narayanan Nambiar ), Ghandharva sangeetham (by Leele Omcheri)and an article, titled ‘The Logic of Rthythem’, by the former Polish Ambassador to India Christopher Brisky.                    



Mizhavu (Nambiar’s Kramadeepika)

Author: Guru P.K Narayana Nambiar


The performanceof Kutiyattam are highly stylized and choreographed unlike any other performance, classical or folk. And the Nambiars  are invariably the master stage-hands directing and controlling each performance from the lighting of the lamp  at start to the final extinction of it at end.

Since the success of the stage performance depends largely on the use of percussion, Mizhavu vadakan or player has a crucial role. He should therefore have a full and authoritative understanding of the practice of Natya, of rase, of natakatext, and the talas and ragas and stage movement of the actors etc.


There is hardly any aspect of this great art. Which is not given adequate exposition in this magnificient account detailed under the head of the magic called mizhavu, the entire account of information presented here is centred around this round drum, which is both vocal and voluble and powerfully evocative and eloguent about the traditional Indian theatre, which has stood the test and trials of time. May it resound through the coming centuries as well, singing the glories of Koothu, Kutiyattam and Nangiaramma- Koothu as well as those of all the artists of the past, present and future!


  One joins his hands in pranams to panivadathilakan not only for his gifted and vibrant fingers playing on the mizhavu, but also for his gifted pen bringing out in a masterly way the intricate harmony of one of the great instruments ever designed by mankind.





Present:PadmasreeManiMadhava  chakyar Gurukulam
Direction: P.K Hareesh Nambiar
Script: Dr. C.K. Jayanthi   


Talam (The soul of Natya)

The theatrical performance is supposed to be a true an  faithful emotion icon of the entire world. It has to have a pulsating heart to the form of drum, thus the rhythms have to be treated as the heart of performance.



( a text of kutiyattam )
written by
Guru Mani Madhava Chakyar

Sreekrishna Charitham
Nangyar koothu
(text based on the Nangyar koothu )
written by
Guru P.K.Narayanan Nambiar
(41 days performance text of mantrankam koothu)
written by
Guru P.K.Narayanan Nambiar
( a text of kutiyattam (Hindi)
Translated by
Guru P.K.G.Nambiar
Research Works
Anguliyankam & Mantrankam
by Dr.C.K.Jayanthi
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